Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are scars that are prevalent in a large percentage of the population. There are quite a few factors that are considered to be the cause of them aside from the intensive extension of skin pulling to the breaking point, as not all people are prone to them even though they share the same circumstances as the folks that are susceptible to them. Information about stretch mark removal is available by doing research online or visiting with your medical physician. Current treatments that are thought to remove stretch marks like laser therapy or topical creams mostly target a way to boost collagen production that will in turn remove stretch mark visibility or at least decrease it to a minimum. There is no tried and true way to totally and completely remove stretch marks for all areas of the body. In order to fully remove stretch marks cosmetic surgical removal (see a list of these procedures here: needed. New technology and treatments become available regularly to help address stretch marks. Some of which may work well for some, but not for others.

Hormones and genetic backgrounds can determine how well you do with any option that may remove stretch mark scars. A skin care professional may be able to provide information about stretch mark removal and which may be the best option for your needs. Obviously if you are pregnant, you aren’t going to go have a laser pointed at your fetus when new stretch marks appear. Rather, many pregnant women begin a regimen of topical creams that address stretch mark scars for the most part or help in moisturizing the area to provide enhanced elasticity of the look and feel of the skin. Many consumers seek out a topically applied solution to help target their stretch mark areas. Clinically tested formulas can be very helpful in diminishing the look of marks as long as you use it as directed and don’t expect overnight results. Pricing for a good clinically tested product can range anywhere from $70-$100 a tube, but the average results can be quite satisfying.

Informative sites such as can be very helpful in providing additional information on stretch marks and options available. No matter which way you choose to manage your stretch marks, you can be confident that if you get a jump on them as soon as they show up, your chances of making them less noticeable are very high.