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Best Rated Cellulite Creams  

What is the best rated cellulite cream? This is what most individuals ask when searching for a cellulite cream. There are tons of cellulite lotions and creams, but what cellulite products really do make a difference? Some of the best rated cellulite creams are those that have been clinically tested. This provides scientific support that the product contains ingredients that are effective for its formulary purpose.

Some of the best rated cellulite creams contain natural ingredients that can safely be applied daily with no irritation to the skin. Ingredients like Bupleurum Extract, Caffeine, Coenzyme-A have been shown to help reduce the look of that “orange peel” effect we all know as cellulite. Other ingredients such as Centella Asiatica Extract may help support elasticity and the overall appearance of the skin. It is important to not only look at the products capabilities, but also the ingredients as this is what makes the product work as intended.

Clinically tested products may retail for a slightly higher cost than those that are not. Some of the best rated cellulite creams sell for less than one-hundred dollars per bottle. Depending upon how large of an area the product is applied to can only determine how many applications you receive per bottle. Some manufacturer’s offer special discounts and package options to help lower the cost of the product. This can be very important for some individuals on a budget. 

Medical procedures in conjunction with one of the best cellulite creams may quicken some visible results, but even the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists can only deliver temporary results as well. Even with liposuction or Mesotherapy there is no guarantee that all cellulite can and will be removed. Some procedures and treatments may also pose certain side effects or unwanted permanent effects. If considering a medical option it is recommended that you research and ask your medical professional for the possibilities of the potential risk associated.

In order to see a change in the look of cellulite you have to maintain and manage your skin regularly if you want to see visible changes regardless of how long they last. Diet, regular exercise, and eating healthy can all help with addressing the look of cellulite. With good lifestyle habits and application of a topical cellulite product in conjunction can effectively help manage and reduce the look of cellulite.  

When you compare the leading cellulite lotions, the top products should hold up well under review, contain pertinent ingredients for addressing cellulite, and most importantly be clinically tested. So research before you buy any cellulite products and you will be more confident with your purchasing decisions.


Scar Treatment and Management

There are quite a few ways to approach scar treatment and management these days. Modern medicine allows for surgical applications with lasers, injection therapies that may or may not include steroid use (click here for more info), chemical peels, and silicone scar products. It all depends on how invasive and expensive you want to go to get a jump on reducing the look of your scars.

Scar treatments can range in many different procedures and treatment options. Most are offered by either a plastic surgeon or skin care professional. Depending upon the size, age, severity, and location will determine which option may be best for your individual needs. Some individuals elect scar revision or excision by a plastic surgeon. This can cause loss of time due to visits and recovery time of the actual procedure, not to mention can be costly. There is still a great potential for replacing one scar for another with surgical removal or excision of the area.

Other options such as laser and injection therapies can be beneficial for certain types of scars however; keloids may react and become larger due to the disruption of the scar area. These potentials should be discussed with your medical doctor before a procedure is performed. Laser therapies and injection therapies may help fade the appearance of scars to make less noticeable, but cannot totally remove a scar. These therapies and injections typically take multiple visits to see any improvement to the scar area.

There are scar management products such as scar gels that can be very beneficial in lessening a scars appearance. Silicone ingredients have been shown to help reduce the appearance of many types of scars. These ingredients help the scar to retain moisture for longer periods of time as compared to water based products. This is primarily important so the scar area does not dry out and cause irritation, and itchiness to the area. Silicone scar products can be applied to both old and new scars and is helpful for keloids, hypertrophic scars, burn scars, surgical scars, and general injury scars. Not every scar requires the same intensity or attention as others do. A clear silicone gel would be preferable for scars that are not visible to the public, and the great thing about silicone scar products is that they dry quickly so you can put make up or sunscreen on them promptly before leaving the house. Typically a silicone scar gel is applied twice per day for a minimum of six to eight weeks, and can be done in the privacy of your own home at a convenient time for yourself. Many individuals find great results with a topical silicone scar gel to help diminish the look of common scar types.

Best scar treatment and management doesn’t have to be painful and expensive, but you should get fully acquainted with the information available about it so that you make the right choices for your unique care program.


Stretch Mark Removal           

When the skin is stretched in a prolonged and intensive manner, stretch marks can occur and they are not pretty. Stretch marks are an actual tearing in the skin’s fibers and the breakage appears in purple and reddish marks at first but can then fade into a white or silver hue as they age. Stretch mark removal is hard to achieve, as only surgical removal can entirely remove stretch marks. However, there are some treatments, methods and topical stretch mark products for both older and newer marks that do a good job in making them less visible.

Stretch mark removal procedures are available, and generally offered by a plastic surgeon or skin care professional. Surgical removal can only guarantee total removal of the marked area however; this is not an option for all areas of the body. The most common area for surgical removal is the abdomen area where a “tummy tuck” procedure may be performed or removal of the excess affected skin resides. With this procedure comes high cost for the actual procedure, recovery time, and risk of side effects such as infection or scar tissue beneath the skin surface, unexpected results such as the skin feeling too tight, and a scar that generally is from hip to hip. Some individuals may prefer just this one scar over their original may stretch marks that resided before. This is all individual preference and how bad the severity of the marks appearance is from the beginning. Go to for more.

Plastic surgeons and skin care professionals may also suggest laser stretch mark treatment procedures to help lessen the appearance of the areas. Laser stretch mark treatments can be quite painful on such a sensitive area such as the breasts. Burning and swelling can occur, which is of course uncomfortable, but also can be uglier than the stretch marks if your swelling is lopsided. Clothing can only hide so much.

Dermatologists have their own tricks of the trade when it comes to stretch mark removal methodology. Chemical peels are a favorite but the side effects are intense. You can severely burn your skin or discolor it so badly that it can take a couple of years to get it back to a somewhat normal color. Some doctors may prescribe Retin-A for a stretch mark cream product but again, these contain chemicals and sensitive skin types are not going to respond properly to them. A good stretch mark cream from a retail store can be much more gentle depending on the ingredients. Stretch mark cream products that lean towards the more natural ingredients are most desirable and if you find one that has been clinically tested with proven results would be a preferred choice.

Stretch mark removal procedures and products can do a lot in making these scars much more pleasing to the eye, although they cannot complete take them away. A good stretch mark cream can get you some surprising results in a matter of weeks in a very gentle manner with no side effects.